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Frozen Land

Sustainable Impact for SDGs

Excellence Award
for Corporate

Corporates that demonstrated intense and lasting commitment

in putting forward sustainable management, made significant effort in involving all three sustainable pillars (environmental, social and governance), and received highest praises from expert panels regarding their outstanding achievement. 

Beautiful Nature

Sustainable Impact for SDGs

Performance Award
for Corporate

Corporates with remarkable

effort in integrating sustainable management into business operation, showed great dedication in pursuing excellence practices regarding the three sustainable pillars and identified by judging panels as having great potential in bringing impactful positive social benefits.

Cracked Ground

Sustainable Impact for SDGs

Participation Pledge
for Corporate

Corporates who are dedicated

to achieve sustainability and participated in SIAC; Who showcased great potential and effort in integrating sustainable management into business operation, with more room to grow.

Excellence Award for Corporate

chinachem Group 華懋集團.png

China Chem Group

China New Economy Fund 中國新經濟投資 _ HKEx 0080.HK.gif

China New Economy Fund

(HKEX: 0080.HK)

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE : DOW)

Dongguan Guilai New Material Technology Company Limited

Zhong Ao Home Group Limited (HKG:1538)

OM Sciences Company Limited.jpeg

OM Sciences Company Limited

Modern Living Investments Holdings Limited (HKG:8426)

GPSS Holdings Inc.

Innovax Holdings 創陞控股 _ HKEx 2680.HK.png

Innovax Holdings

(HKEX: 2680.HK)

Cubechain Company Limited.pic.jpg

CubeChain Company Limited

AI Chopstickspig Dynamic Limited

HK Petrochemical.jpeg

Hong Kong Petrochemical Company Limited

World Peace Rebirth Initiative

Performance Award for Corporate

medical technologies limited 迪臣國際醫學儀器.png

Medical Technologies Limited

屏幕截图 2023-08-10 211328.png

EAK Engineering Consultants & Technology Company Limited

China Eco-Farming Limited (HKG:8166)

Agricultural Research Corporation

Grand Universe Holdings Limited

Tara Organics Limited

Awardee - LOGO-YATOGO.png

Yatogo Yi Company Limited

GRT_Logo (AI)-pdf.png

GRTalent Education

Move Foundation (1).jpeg

Move Foundation

Yav & Associates

3R Hong Kong International Eco-Action Limited

Delphi Technology Corp

Trash Recycling and Management Organization / WASK Group

Sourcing Solution International, Ltd.

Acumen Hong Kong Limited

Fat Design Studio Architects Ltd.

Homison Solutions Limited

Wise-Kids Educational Toys

Seal Eco Advance Limited.png

SEAL Eco Advance Limited

Participation Award for Corporate

Global Internet of People, Inc. (NASDAQ:SDH)

Innovax Holdings Limited (HKG:2680)

Alliance Capital Partners Limited

Biomed Technology
Holdings Limited

Chan Yee Kee Building
Materials Company Limited.

Hong Kong Society of Gut Microbiome Limited

Kompetence Company Limited


Solarmark (HK) C.P.A.
Company Limited

Wai Hing Hong Holdings Limited

Tai Sang Land Development Limited (HKG:0089)

Polyard Petroleum International Group Limited (HKG: 8011)

Avista Group

BMI Environmental
Consultancy Limited

EKP Consulting
Company Limited



Pulsar Capital

North Mining Shares Company Limited (HKG:0433)

Across Asia
Communications Limited

Asia Impact Investment Fund

BM Intelligence Group Limited

Hong Kong Healthcare
Medical Research Limited

Technologies Limited

Norcola Company Limited

ShineWing Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Chamber of Commerce

Union Registrars Limited

WIT Enterprise Limited


Concrete Wall

Sustainability Impact Achievement Award


Mr. Matthew Friedman

CEO of Mekong Club

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Mr. Dominic Yin

Founder of GCSDC


Mr. Robert Chua

Founder of Sinstant

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