Sustainability Impact Corporate Award for UN-SDGs

Sustainability Impact Corporate Awards


We have designed a self-reporting questionnaire surrounding the three sustainability pillars, namely environmental, social and governance which addresses the Global UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) specifically for the Sustainability Impact Corporate Awards. The survey implemented the SY model assessed by SGS with relevant clauses of ISO 10015. While using sustainability impact assessment as the framework, it is a recently developed index for formulating integrated policies which take full account of most sustainability dimensions and have been fine-tuned and widely utilized by multiple transnational organisations. 


By joining the program, your response will be carefully conferred by a panel of expertise around the globe. All participating corporates will be conferred a certificate, while two types of award will be merited to corporates. Moreover, we will offer help to register your contribution to the UN-SDGs on the United Nation's global registry platform in recognition of your effort. 


Corporate Awardees will be bestowed with a list of deliverables in the following:


  1. An award certificate will be issued with the Sustainability Impact Corporate Logo

  2. The new Sustainability Impact Corporate Logo together with the company name will be issued and registered as a new trademark for printing on business card

  3. Partnership with UN-SDGs online platform registration service will be offered to corporates for example, SIIP-UN (

  4. Referral to ESG and/or Sustainability Report for United Nations 17 SDGs by competent consultancy will be provided. 

  5. Referral to the Green Financiers in our business communities providing financial instrument products, including Green Bond and Sustainability-linked Loan. 

Award Category 

Sustainability Impact Corporate Award | Excellence for SDGs

Corporates that demonstrated intense and lasting commitment in putting forward sustainable management, made significant effort in involving all three sustainable pillars (environmental, social and governance), and received highest praises from expert panels regarding their outstanding achievement. 

 Sustainability Impact Corporate Award | Performance for SDGs

Corporates with remarkable effort in integrating sustainable management into business operation, showed great dedication in pursuing excellence practices regarding the three sustainable pillars and identified by judging panels as having great potential in bringing impactful positive social benefits.

Sustainability Impact Corporate Award | Participation for SDGs

Corporates who are dedicated to achieve sustainability and participated in SICA. Who showcased great potential and effort in integrating sustainable management into business operation, however there are rooms for improvement.

Welcoming Remarks From The Host, SIIP-UN Co-Chairman