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Sustainability Impact Awards for SDGs

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) SDG Impact Standards for Enterprise is a practical guide and self-assessment tool aiming to provide a common language and a clear system to integrate SDGs into all business and investment decision-making processes, thus aiding the delivering progress of the UN-SDGs by 2030. 


The SDG Impact Standards are framed across four interconnected,  interdependent themes familiar to all businesses and investors — strategy, management approach, transparency, and governance. Instead of creating a new assessment tool, the standards focuses on leveraging existing frameworks and specifically deal with the classification, identification, and management of material sustainable development issues, so that the Enterprise can make the most significant impacts on important outcomes.

The Awards have been designed as a self-reporting questionnaire by using sustainability impact assessment (SIA) which is  surrounding the three sustainability pillars, namely environmental, social, and governance, which addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) specifically for the Sustainability Impact Awards for SDGs. While using as the UN-SDGs framework, it is a recently developed index for formulating integrated policies which take full account of most sustainability dimensions and have been fine-tuned and widely utilised by multiple transnational organisations. 


By joining the assessment (SIA), participants' responses will be carefully conferred by a panel of expertise around the globe. All participants will be conferred a certificate, while different types of awards will be merited. 


Awardees will be bestowed with the following list of deliverables:


  1. An award certificate with the Sustainability Impact Corporate Logo

  2. Issue and registration of new Sustainability Impact Corporate Logo, with company name included, as a new trademark for publicity usage

  3. Partnership with the UN-SDGs online platform registration service will be offered to corporates (e.g. SIIP-UN;

  4. Referral to ESG and/or Sustainability Report for United Nations 17 SDGs will be provided by professional consultancy 

  5. Referral to the Green Financiers in our business communities which provide financial instrument products, including Green Bond and Sustainability-linked Loan

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Awards Highlights 

Sustainable Impact for SDGs Excellence Award for Corporate
Sustainable Impact for SDGs Performance Award for Corporate
Sustainable Impact for SDGs Participation Award for Corporate

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