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SIA 評審方法

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UNDP's SDG Impact Standards

OECD's key reports
on sustainable development

SIA Principles

Developed by OECD, it intends to increase awareness for developing more sustainable policies, strategies and action plans

SIA Advantages

Transparent, independent & evidence-based

Better planning and implementation with the “Anticipate-and-Avoid” method, considering both short-term and long-term effects

Minimise negative impact and associated cost

Create a learning environment by feeding back info to the database

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder participation allows for greater transparency and creates more sustainable and consensual policy solutions from society leaders, private sectors and civil society

Ensures input on the possible impacts (direct or indirect) and trade-offs from different

A focus beyond numbers

SIA uses a variety of tools and methodologies to capture less monetary aspects of sustainability, carried by external party to become transparent, independent and evidence-based

SIA Functions

A methodological soft policy instrument for developing integrated policies which

take full account of E+S+G.

  • Investigate the interrelations between these aspects, weighted impact of each component (pillar) against the others is included.


Assessment takes place before policies are been formulated

  • SIA follows well-defined methodologies and procedures that are transparent and creates a learning environment.

  • SIA assesses whether a proposed policy will contribute to sustainable development or not; does not evaluate the policy against its own goals.




  • 使用「預見和避免」方法,並考慮短期和長期影響,進行更好的規劃和實施 - 看似短期有益的事情,長期可能會帶來災難性的影響。

  • 最小化負面影響和相關成本。

  • 通過向數據庫反饋信息創造一個學習環境。

  • 持份者的參與可以實現更大的透明度,並創造更可持續和共識的政策解決方案。

  • SIA使用各種工具和方法來捕捉可持續發展的非貨幣方面

原則 / 特點




  • 使用各種工具和方法來捕捉不易貨幣化的方面。



  • 確保不同觀點和學科的可能影響(直接或間接)和權衡的輸入。

  • 政治家、公務員、利益相關者和民間社會都可以做出貢獻。



  • 由外部方進行,使用最佳選擇的工具和方法。


作為一種方法論軟政策工具,用於制定全面考慮E + S + G的集成政策

  • 調查這些方面之間的相互關係,包括每個組成部分(支柱)對其他支柱的權重影響。



  • SIA遵循明確的方法和程序,具有透明性並創造學習環境。

  • SIA評估建議的政策是否有助於實現可持續發展,而不是僅評估政策是否達成其自身目標。

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