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The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE : DOW)

Zhong Ao Home Group Limited (HKG:1538)

Modern Living Investments Holdings Limited (HKG:8426)

GPSS Holdings Inc.

AI Chopstickspig Dynamic Limited

Dongguan Guilai New Material Technology Company Limited

HK Petrochemical.jpeg

Hong Kong Petrochemical Company Limited

World Peace Rebirth Initiative


China Eco-Farming Limited (HKG:8166)

3R Hong Kong International Eco-Action Limited

Acumen Hong Kong Limited

Agricultural Research Corporation

Delphi Technology Corp

Fat Design Studio Architects Ltd.

Grand Universe Holdings Limited

GRT_Logo (AI)-pdf.png

GRTalent Education

Homison Solutions Limited

OM Sciences Company Limited

Seal Eco Advance Limited.png

SEAL Eco Advance Limited

Sourcing Solution International, Ltd.

Tara Organics Limited

Trash Recycling and Management Organization / WASK Group

Wise-Kids Educational Toys

Yav & Associates


Global Internet of People, Inc. (NASDAQ:SDH)

Tai Sang Land Development Limited (HKG:0089)

North Mining Shares Company Limited (HKG:0433)

Innovax Holdings Limited (HKG:2680)

Polyard Petroleum International Group Limited (HKG: 8011)

Across Asia
Communications Limited

Alliance Capital Partners Limited

Avista Group

Asia Impact Investment Fund

Biomed Technology
Holdings Limited

BMI Environmental
Consultancy Limited

EKP Consulting
Company Limited

BM Intelligence Group Limited

Hong Kong Healthcare
Medical Research Limited

Chan Yee Kee Building
Materials Company Limited.

Hong Kong Society of Gut Microbiome Limited

Kompetence Company Limited


Solarmark (HK) C.P.A.
Company Limited

Wai Hing Hong Holdings Limited

A-Link Services Limited
BioMed Laboratory Company Limited
BMI Appraisals Limited
BMI Consultants Limited
BMI Corporate Services (Asia Pacific) Limited
BMI Corporate Services Limited
BMI Education Group Limited
BMI Finance Limited
BMI Funds Management Limited
BMI Innovation Limited
BMI Investment Migration Services Limited
BMI Listed Corporate Services Limited



Pulsar Capital

Union Registrars Limited

Technologies Limited

Norcola Company Limited

ShineWing Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Chamber of Commerce

WIT Enterprise Limited

BMI Professional Training Centre Limited
BMI Professional Translation Services Limited
BMI Publishing Limited
BMI Realtors Limited
BMI Research Limited
BMI Resources Management Limited
BMI Securities Limited
BMI Surveyors Limited
BMI Technical Consulting (Biological Assets) Limited
BMI Technical Consulting (Resources) Limited
Budget Accounts (HK) Limited


GBR Tax Adviser Limited
Global Intelligence Trust Company Limited
IBC Corporate Services Limited
Integrity First Holding Limited
LW Secretaries Limited
New Trend Business Services (HK) Limited
Sensestek Solutions Limited
Shing Tak CPA Limited
Solarmark Accounting Services Company Limited
Star Unique Strategic Limited
Zhong Ao Engineering Group Limited

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