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Introduction to Sustainable Impact Assessment



  • Better planning and implementation with the “Anticipate-and-Avoid” method and considering both short-term and long-term effects – what seems to be beneficial in the short term can be devastating in the long term.

  • Minimise negative impact & associated cost.

  • Create a learning environment by feeding back info to the database.

  • Stakeholder participation allows for greater transparency and creates more sustainable and consensual policy solutions.

  • SIA uses a variety of tools and methodologies to capture less monetary aspects of sustainability.



Where and when will the 2023 UN SDG Action Awards Ceremony take place?

The Asia Society in Hong Kong will host the Sustainability Impact Award Ceremony (SIAC) on July 6, 2023. The purpose of this renowned event is to acknowledge and recognize exceptional programs and initiatives that have significantly advanced sustainability and the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In order to spur additional action and cooperation toward a sustainable future, the ceremony will bring together important stakeholders, including policymakers, experts, and campaigners. It will also be televised to a global audience through a variety of channels. The event will be host twice a year in Q2 and Q4


What is the application timeline for the 2023 edition of the SiAC?

Applications and nominations can be submitted all year around.


May I request an extension if I will not be able to submit by the deadline?

We are only able to accept applications and nominations submitted by the deadline. We recommend starting your application or nomination early, as late submissions will not be accepted.  


Can I edit my application once submitted?

Applicants may edit their applications and nominations up until the point of submission. Once submitted, applicants will no longer be able to make further changes.  


Can I reapply if I applied in previous years?

Applications which have been submitted will no longer be visible to applicants. You will receive an email from the Google Form Apply platform confirming that your application has successfully been submitted. As the confirmation email may go to your spam folder, please check all your folders.  


Are all sectors eligible to apply?

All sectors are encouraged to apply. Initiatives led by United Nations entities, national governments or partners of the UN SDG Action Campaign will only be considered for honorable mentions.  


Who will be assessing the submissions?

All applications and nominations are reviewed by the UN SDG Action Campaign team before being submitted to the Judges, consisting of leaders across sectors and geographies. The 2023 Judges will be announced in the coming months!  


How will I find out if I win?

All finalists will be contacted by the SiAC organising committee after the application. 


Can I submit an application in more than one category?

Applicants may submit a maximum of two applications, provided they are linked to two different initiatives. If your initiative could potentially fit in two different categories, you can identify one additional category in your application.


Can I submit an application/nomination in a language other than English?

Yes. You can write your application and/or nomination in a different language, however be aware  that we may use translation software which may undermine the quality of your application. You are also welcome to upload videos in different languages, although for any further promotion on our social media channels we would require English subtitles. Click here for guidance on how to add subtitles to your video. 


Can I submit an offline application if my internet bandwidth is weak?

Yes. You can submit an offline application by downloading the offline version, completing all sections and mailing everything to the UN SDG Action Campaign. Please note that only applications which are postmarked on or before the application deadline will be considered and all postal fees are the responsibility of the applicant. 

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